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Lost in a moment with ribbons

Lost in a moment with ribbons

£3,990.00 Regular Price
£3,591.00Sale Price


Introducing 'Lost in a Moment', a mesmerising piece that captures the essence of a dancer suspended in mid-air by her flowing green dress. Crafted from bronze with exquisite attention to detail, this Art Nouveau-inspired sculpture is based on 'The Arts' posters by the iconic Alphonse Mucha. The dancer's eyes are closed, conveying a sense of being lost in a moment in time, adding an ethereal and captivating quality to the piece. This exquisite sculpture is perfect for art enthusiasts, collectors, and anyone who appreciates the beauty and grace of dance. Add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any space with "Lost in a Moment."

  • Bronze limited edition of 24

    Dimensions: 45cm x 25cm x 12cm

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